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1000 crore property of lalu prasad yadav is in name of another person

The Income Tax Department is conducting an inquiry into the alleged involvement of the prosecution in the Delhi and Bihar provinces of Delhi and Bihar.

In this regard, the Income Tax authorities have already conducted inquiry into Misa Bharati and her husband Shailesh Kumar.

In this case, Lalu Prasad’s wife Rabri Devi and Tejaswi sent an Income Tax department to appear on August 29th.

Accordingly, both of them appeared before the investigating authorities in the Income Tax office in Patna.

The officials were asked about the property of the prosecutor and raised questions. Income tax officials said they suspected that they could have worked with other members of the family in the case of the prosecution.

It is noteworthy that the Delhi High Commissioner for Excise Dutta Patna visited Patna Income Tax Department.