Unique identification Number: Aadhar

Unique identification Number: Aadhar 12

The agency that has issued the identification number to Indians told the Supreme Court on Tuesday; It is impossible to use Aadhaar to track citizens.

The Unique Identification Authority of India or UIDAI, said there were safeguards built into the law and its systems to ensure that the government could not use Aadhaar for surveillance.

Nothing is private in the online era, The agency also said it much was being made of privacy being a fundamental right.

It was first set up to issue Aadhaar numbers in 2009. But because parliament could not pass the law to give legal cover and the agency had to collect personal information about residents under executive instructions.

The Parliament finally passed the law on last year. But it had earlier claim that privacy was a fundamental right. .

The central government and some state governments ruled by the BJP, has claimed that privacy was protected under the Aadhaar law but wasn’t a constitutional right.

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