Raju Mahalingam of Lyca said that the film ‘2.0’ had been achieved in the highest sale of Andhra and Telangana rights.

The final song shooting of ‘2.0’ will start soon. For the Shooting the song Setting up the stadiums is going on.

Also, the release of the film is showing the intensity of the sale of the film since the release of the product.

Lyca’s Raja Mahalingam, said, “2.0” – Andhra Pradesh and Telangana rights have been sold at a high price, with a partnership with Lyca Company and Global Cinema, “he said on Twitter.

‘2.0’ starring Rajini, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson in Shankar’s direction. Nirav Shah is

Nirav Shah is the cinematographer, and AR Rahman is composing music for this film.

The company is preparing on the high budget of about Rs 400 crore.

‘2.0’ is the first film to be screened in 3D technology in India.

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