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Hurricane storm hit 26th August in Texas, USA. This is the most powerful storm in the past 13 years at 215 km. At stake, And millions of people are suffering because of heavy rain.

The trees were tilted with roots on the buildings, including houses, causing severe damage.

Due to the lack of electricity and communications, many areas were drowned in darkness. Around 50 inches of rain flooded many places with flooding.

About 200 Indian students are studying in floods in Houston University campus. The rescue operations are going on.

Union external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj said on Tuesday,

About 200 Indian students studying in the University of Houston have been affected. Shalini and Nikhil Bhatia have been admitted to the Emergency Care Unit for two students. T

he Indian consulate is rushed to Texas to help Indian students. Arrangements have been made to bring families of victimized students to Texas. Though efforts were made to provide food for students on behalf of India, the US rescue team did not permit it.
It is said.

At this stage, there were about 200 students safe and safely rescued, Indian embassy official in Houston said.

“In a tweet, Consul General of India in Houston Anupam Ray, informs EAM that the 200 Indian students affected by HurricaneHarvey are safe”