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The officials said the new Rs 200 notes were issued to the Reserve Bank of Chennai and will be distributed in Tamil Nadu on the 28th of Monday.

The Reserve Bank of India has printed a new Rs.200 note for public transfers without the difficulty of Rs.2,000. The banknotes were issued in major cities like Delhi and Mumbai yesterday.

When will the Rs 200 note in Tamil Nadu come in circulation? When asked by Reserve Bank officials, they said: –

A new Rs.200 banknote has been brought to the Reserve Bank office in Chennai. Due to the continuation of the holiday, the banks could not be split.

We are going to divide all banks from Monday 28th (Monday). The public will be given their bank branches to pay the money. Only bank accounts can be obtained. No one can go and buy alone.

Furthermore, the ATM will have a short period of time to get a new Rs.200 note. Because the ATM. You have to make some changes in the machine. After the completion of the works, each bank’s ATMs will get a new Rs.200 note. We hope that the new Rs.

Thus they said.