Vinayagar Chaturthi is celebrated today (Friday). Vinayaka temples in Tamilnadu are decorated with colored lamps and showcasing a beautiful look.

The small Vinayaka statues made of clay are sold in many places in Chennai. The public was eager to worship these idols in the house yesterday.

Hindu temples have been arranged to worship the idols of Lord Vinayaka in important places. Hindu organizations applied for permission in Chennai police commissioner’s office and police stations.

Last year, police granted permission to worship Vinayaka idols in 2 thousand 697 places in Chennai. This year around 3000 places has been requested to put Vinayaka statues.

Police officials said that last year Vinayaka would be allowed to restore statues.

Apart from that, the places where the statues have been requested are seriously reviewed, and we will give due approval. According to the rules of the order, they have been allowed to keep Vinayaka statues.

Police have been alerted across Tamil Nadu by Vinayagar Chakruti. Commissioner AK Vishwanathan has ordered to strengthen police security in Chennai.

The police have been ordered to monitor Vinayaka idols for worship. The rule is not to allow the Vinayaka statues to be kept above 10 feet in height. On the basis of this, the police have been advised to put Vinayaka statues. Since the night, Vinayaka statues were placed on the streets for worship.

Vinayagar statues kept for worship are being taken away from the Nilangarai, Chennai, Pattinapakkam Srinivasapuram, Kasimedu fishing harbor, Thiruvottiyur and Ennore sea areas. The police have given permission to conduct a ceremony at Chennai on 3rd of September. On 31st, the organizations including the Hindu Front decided to hold a Vinayagar idol.

The Vinayaka statues placed in the suburbs of Madras are taken up on September 3 and the Nilangarai University seeps off the sea. The Jai Shiv Sena organizers announced on September 3 that the Vinayaka statues placed in Madurai, Poonamalle, Mangadu, Kundarathur and Pumal were to be taken up at the Nilankarai University.

The Madras High Court has issued a strict mandate to the Vinayaka idols to be kept in the streets without the permission of the police. The Tennampett police seized the Vinayagar statue which was kept for night worship before yesterday without the permission of the Valluvar Division and took over the lorry. The police have warned that the custodians of Vinayaka idols will be taken into custody without proper permission.

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