Pulsar Sunil was arrested in connection with the alleged sexual assault by a prominent actress in the car. Dilip was arrested and jailed in July last week.

Pulsar Sunil, who is imprisoned in jail, is sometimes used to appear in court and shocking information. In this case, Madam had been told a few months ago that there was a person involved.

When he came to the court last month, he said that Madam belonged to the world of cinema and that he paid the actress to pay for sexual harassment, and if he did not release the main figure in the jail (dilip), I would publish it.

Following that, the person was investigating the actor’s role as Diwali’s 2nd wife actress Kavya Madhavan. But initially Kavya Madhavan refused to know Pulsar, but later he knew that actor Dilip had given money.

Meanwhile, Pulsar Sunil came to appear in the court in Ernakulam for trial. The reporters then asked him, “Who is Madam?”

Responding to that, Pulsar Sunil said, “Why do you give importance to a confession? That madam is Kavya Madhavan. ” Kavya Madhavan is currently in touch with the famous actress sex scandal.

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