The Heavy rains in the northern states of India.For the heavy rain, The Assam State has been severely affected. Many districts in Assam surrounded by floods and water were found all over the roads due to an improper drainage system.

In Assam, One of the largest wildlife parks in the country, the Kaziranga Park is floating in flood waters. Over 481 square kilometers of an area is flooded over 80% of floodwater. As a result, more than 140 wild animals that lived in the park have been tragically dead.

According to the forest official, seven animals were found dead on August 10, 122 mortes, three wild boars, 3 point dogs and so on.

Officials said the animal’s bodies were found daily. The flood of the Brahmaputra river has gone into the Kaziranga Park.

The wildlife in the park is now going to places near searching for food.

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