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APJ wasn’t a Muslim :Controvesial Statement

The leader of Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath Mr.Jainulabudeen comes up with the shocking statement APJ was not a Muslim because he prayed to idols and naked sadhus. He also said he was just a scientist before became the president of India.

BJP and the Sangh noticed him and lack of his objection to praying to idols or getting blessings from Sankarachariyar. This is why they made him the president.

He went ahead and claimed that Abdul Kalam just had a Muslim name and that Thowheed Jamath will not protest for not placing a Quran in his memorial.

The Jainulabudeen Statement is the continuation to the controversy of placing a Bhagavad Gita near his statue. It was objected even form the government side.

Kalam’s grand nephew tried to put a pull stop for this controversy by placing a Quran and bible near his statue which is opposed by the Hindu makkal katchi at the front of the memorial. Due to this issues, the police remived the holy books from the memorial.

on the whole,  the people is not appreciating the acts of tarnishing the legacy of the people’s president by factional groups for their profit.

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