The World hit Apple Inc requested the Government of India to extend to break all its taxes to suppliers, so only they considered the India is the place for the Market Hub.

From the Government official they said, This new term and policy has been satisfied for the other manufacture too.

From the last year may itself Indian officials are in the speech with the US Apple Inc Official. Also, our PMO Modi also agreed to set up the base station in India to develop up the new parts and products.

Apple has been spread through out the world, and they want India as one of their production hubs through out the world, because India is the second largest developing nation in the technology side.

The official said they want the same treatment to be given to the component manufacturers regarding the tax concessions and then some kind of policy will have to be evolved.

Apple Inc is decided to sale in India after their sales in the china region, and It records 14 per cent year-on-year to $10.7 billion in the three months ended April 1.

Apple, working with Taiwanese manufacturer Winston began assembling the iPhone SE in Bengaluru. The plan that Modi and Cook ordered the two sides to work on the manufacture of all the devices for the import and export.

South Korea’s Samsung Electronics and China’s Oppo are considered as the rivalry for the Apple in the Indian market, and they currently have the manufacturing unit in the India.

If Apple Inc is opened in India, it is the major achievement for the Modi’s Make in India Project.


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