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David Meette of the United States is the best person to compute the numbers and the events on the earth to compute the future with the Bible.

Recently David’s analysis predicted that August was the last month of mankind and the world would collapse in September.

In a statement, David said: “The solar eclipse occurs on August 21, This solar eclipse is closely related to the destruction of the world.

This means that the solar eclipse, known as Nibiru, orbiting in space, is a symptom of any day on earth in the month of August.

As the sunlight eclipses, the large part of the Earth appears to be dark as indicated in the Bible.

The moon that appears in the spacecraft is also known as the ‘black moon’.

Here are some examples. The solar eclipse occurs every 33 months. Elohim, the name of the Christian god, is mentioned in the Bible in 33 places. The solar eclipse appears on the Lincoln coast in the Oregon province. The Oregon province is the 33rd state in the United States.

The province is located at a distance of 33 degrees to the Charlottenon border in South Carolina.At the same time, the last such a solar eclipse occurred in 1918. That is 99 years ago. The number of the above numbers is 33 and the numbers are 99.

So, comparing it to all, there is no doubt in August that humans are the last month on earth, “David said.

However, some astronomers have suggested that David’s prediction is incorrect and that such predictions have already been made and that everything has gone wrong.