A 10-year-old girl from Chandigarh was admitted to hospital last month for stomach pain. When the doctors checked her, the girl was found to be  pregnant. This idea came to light when the girl’s relative was constantly raped her.

So the Supreme Court has been prosecuted for permission to disperse the embryo. But the doctors reported that the mother and the baby would be risked by the dissolution of the embryo that was 32 weeks old. So the Supreme Court has refused to allow the emission to be dissolved.

The baby was born in Chandigarh government hospital yesterday. The doctors said that the health of the girl is now healthy.

Even though the baby’s weight (2.2 kg) is slightly lower than usual, they say their health is normal. The hospital sources said that the child in a serious treatment room will soon be better.

The girl who has been afflicted by the relative does not know the child until now. Her parents said she had a tumor in her stomach and was admitted to hospital.

So the girl’s parents have requested the hospital administration to take the girl’s baby in the same way.

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