Bigg Boss Telugu Vote 4 (Online Voting) Season 4

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote 4 is an online voting process for the Television Show “Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4” hosted by Akkineni Nagarjuna. As per the Show, each week a contestant gets eliminated from the bigg boss house based on the voting from viewers. The Audience has 10 votes each day to save their favorite contestant from being eliminated. Season 4 of Bigg Boss Telugu is broadcasted by Star Maa every day at 9:30 PM IST. This show is planned for 100 days with the host appearing only during weekends. Bigg Boss Vote Telugu 4 Nomination Happens on Monday and Elimination happens on every Sunday. This week’s elimination process has begun, you can now start voting for your favourite Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Contestant and make sure they stay inside the Bigg Boss house for the coming weeks. The contestant with the lowest votes will be eliminated. You can vote for bigg boss telugu vote online today. The most buzzed topic around the Internet now is Bigg Boss 4 voting and for those who don’t know how to vote for bigg boss telugu 4, stay back we have done the research for you. Wikipedia

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Vote is happening right now, you can vote for your favourite Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestant. Bigg Boss Telugu vote season 4 is an online voting process open for the public to decide who to eliminate from Bigg Boss house. This online voting for Bigg Boss 4 Telugu happens every week. Bigg Boss 4 Telugu’s official voting happens inside the Hotstar app but you can also find the general public opinion on our site, we also confirm that this is an Unofficial poll and these votes don’t count in the actual results. The nominated contestant list will be out by 10:30 PM IST every Monday, Voting lines will be open till Friday midnight. The Bigg boss fans have 10 votes each day which they can split among the nominated contestants.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Details

HostAkkineni Nagarjuna
Starting Date06/09/2020
ChannelStar Maa
Number of Days100
Voting MethodOnline (Hotstar, Google)
Live StreamingHotstar

Bigg Boss Telugu vote results

As you know Voting happens from Monday to Friday, the results must have been decided by Saturday itself, but Nagarjuna will reveal the final results only by Sunday. The contestant with the least vote will be eliminated from the bigg boss house. The Bigg Boss Telugu vote results are purely dependent on the audience votes, there is not managemental decision involved in this. Wait for Nagarjuna to announce the bigg boss Telugu vote results this week.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Vote – Public Opinion

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial poll conducted by The Indian Times purely as a public opinion & your votes don’t count in the official one conducted by Star Maa. Check below for the Official Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Method.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Official Method

1. Bigg Boss Telugu Voting through Hotstar

  1. Download the latest version of the Hotstar app from Google Playstore
  2. Login using your Account Details
  3. Search for “Bigg Boss Telugu 4” inside the app
  4. Click on the Latest Episode of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4
  5. Below the Episode, you will find an option to Vote
  6. The Nominated Contestant list will popup
  7. Now award the 10 votes to the contestants who you would like to save
  8. You can come again the next day and cast you next 10 votes
  9. Wait till Sunday to know who gets eliminated

2. Bigg Boss Telugu Voting through Google

  1. Search for ” Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Vote” in Google.
  2. Choose the contestant you want to save.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. Your Votes are Successfully submitted to Star Maa.

3. Voting to Bigg Boss Telugu 4 through MissedCall

  1. Star Maa has also given an option to vote through Missed Call.
  2. Each contestant is assigned a specific Phone number throughout the season.
  3. You can call their respective Numbers to vote for them.
  4. Your votes will be recorded and counted during the elimination process.
ContestantMissed Call Number
Vote for Surya KiranEliminated
Vote for Monal GajjarYet to Announce
Vote for Abijeet Duddala8886658204
Vote for Sujatha8886658205
Vote for Lasya ManjunathYet to Announce
Vote for Rahul SipligunjYet to Announce
Vote for Syed Sohel RyanYet to Announce
Vote for Ariyana GloryYet to Announce
Vote for Alekhya HarikaYet to Announce
Vote for Devi Nagavalli8886658214
Vote for Mehaboob Shaikh8886658206
Vote for Noel SeanYet to Announce
Vote for Amma RajasekharYet to Announce
Vote for Karate KalyaniYet to Announce
Vote for Gangavva8886658216
Vote for Akhil Sarthak8886658215
Vote for Divi VadthyaYet to Announce

History of Bigg Boss Telugu

Bigg Boss Telugu 1

Everyone was eager about this show as there was a lot of buzz around it, people were very much interested in how the Telugu audience will accept the whole concept of Bigg Boss. But it turned out to be a huge hit. Jr NTR hosted the very first season of Bigg Boss. When a big star like Jr NTR is involved, there is an obvious hype around it. Junior NTR really did a good job and entertained the audience. Hosting is completely new for him but everyone ended up liking him and missed him in the upcoming seasons. Bigg Boss Telugu vote 1 used to be in Google rather than inside the Hotstar app. In season 1 you can vote for your favorite contestant by Searching ” Bigg Boss Telugu Vote” in google and also Missed call voting method was available. Now in Season 4 bigg boss telugu voting happens inside Hotstar App and also via missed call. Siva Balaji was the winner of Telugu Season 1 Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2

Nani was the host for Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2. This season is even more successful than season 1 in terms of TRP ratings. Kaushal Manda is the winner of Season 2 Telugu Bigg Boss. He had a huge fan following fondly called as Kaushal Army, they used to trend him every week on twitter and made sure Kaushal escapes the danger zone whenever he was in the nominated list. Bigg Boss Season 2 online Telugu voting also happened in Google and via missed call. The Telugu voting count was high during this season especially because of the fans of Kaushal. There was even criticism about Nani on Twitter by the Kaushal Army. The audience used to wait eagerly every Sunday to know the Bigg Boss Telugu vote results.

Bigg Boss Telugu 3

Akkineni Nagarjuna became the host first time for Bigg Boss Telugu 3. Rahul Sipligunj was crowned the winner of Season 3 after 106 days. This time the online voting for bigg boss Telugu happened within the Hotstar app, Audience has to download the latest version of the app and cast their votes inside the app. Missed call voting was also there as usual. This Hotstar only voting system was not liked by people as many of the foreigners were unable to vote, Many Telugu Speaking foreigners who were actually interested in participating in the Bigg Boss Telugu vote were unable to vote because of this. Though Nagarjuna’s Hosting was not bad, fans missed Jr NTR and Nani.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4

Season 4 of Bigg Boss Telugu was also hosted by Nagarjuna and it was delayed because of this COVID situation. Fans were eagerly waiting for this as they were bored in this lockdown period. Bigg Boss Telugu 4 began on September 6 with 16 contestants, it was also said that last-minute changes were made in the list as few confirmed contestants were tested Positive before the show started. The Star Maa team ensured that necessary precautions will be taken through the show to ensure the safety of the contestants and Bigg Boss working crew. Let us see how this season of Bigg Boss Telugu Vote will turn up, fans want pure entertainment in this boring lockdown period. Vote for the contestants who you wish to save each week.

Bigg Boss Telugu Promo – Season 4

Bigg Boss Telugu FAQ

  1. When is the Season 4 of Bigg Boss Telugu Telecasted? Season 4 of Bigg Boss Telugu is broadcasted from Monday to Friday at 9:30 PM and 9:00 PM on weekends.
  2. When do the nominations for Telugu Bigg Boss 4 happen? Every Monday the nomination happens and the list will be available for the public to start voting.
  3. Who has the Chance of winning Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4? As of now Gangavva has a huge fan base and has high chances of winning the Bigg Boss 4 Telugu voting.
  4. How to watch Bigg Boss Telugu Online? Hotstar is the only way you can watch Bigg Boss Telugu Live legally.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Gallery

Interesting moments captured during the launch of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4, try to remember what happened based on the images below.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Vote
Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Vote
Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Vote IndianTimes
Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Vote IndianTimes
Bigg Boss Telugu Online Voting
Bigg Boss Telugu Online Voting
Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4
Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Launch
Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Results this week
Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Results this week
Telugu Voting - Bigg Boss 4
Telugu Voting – Bigg Boss 4
Vote for Bigg Boss Telugu 4
Vote for Bigg Boss Telugu 4
Vote for Gangavva
Vote for Gangavva

Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants List

The final list of 16 contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 includes Gangavva, Akhil Sarthak, Abhijeet, Syed Sohail, Amma Rajasekhar, Lasya, Noel Sean, Mehaboob, Dethadi Harikam, Karate Kalyani, Surya Kiran, Mukku Avinash, Ariyana Glory, Devi Nagavalli, Divi Vadthya, Monal Gajjar and Sai Kumar Pampana. All these contestants were chosen considering a lot of factors, Star Maa will make sure that the list is good enough to spice up each episode of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4. Some of them are internet sensations to attract youngsters and some are short-tempered so that there is a regular clash within the house to make the show even more interesting.


Can you Belive, Gangavaa is 58 years old and is an internet sensation and also one of the strongest contenders of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4. From an ordinary farmer to Youtube Star and now Season 4 Contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu, her journey is inspirational. Gangavaa has already gained a lot of fans for her innocence and is expected to be inside the bigg boss house till the final week. Make Sure you vote for Gangavva whenever she is in the danger zone if you would like to save her from getting eliminated. Even the contestants have realized that she is a strong contender and has already started to nominate her. Vote for Gangavva also began to trend in Twiter when she was nominated in the first week.

Gangavaa Bigg Boss Telugu Voting
Gangavaa Bigg Boss Telugu Voting


Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Contestant Abhijeet has already gained fans and got saved first during the first-week elimination process. Abhijeet got into a fight with Syed Sohel Ryan in the first week itself and also interacts a lot with Monal. Abhijeet is an actor and is a big fan of the host Nagarjuna. Let us wait to see how his Bigg Boss journey continues. Vote for Abhijeet if you find him good enough to stay inside the Bigg Boss House.

Vote for Abhijeet
Vote for Abhijeet

Surya Kiran

Bigg Boss Contestant Surya Kiran is a director and still behaves like a director inside the bigg boss house. He goes on correcting others and is impatient. Nagarjuna has also suggested him to behave like a contestant rather than a Director. The buzz around social media is that Surya Kiran will be eliminated in the first week itself. Many of them on twitter wants Surya Kiran to be out. [Update] Its official now, Bigg Boss Surya Kiran is eliminated!

Monal Gajjar

Actress Monal Gajjar is a notable contestant of Bigg Boss telugu 4 and is the first one to enter the house this season. Nagarjuna has commented on her as the Narmada river for shedding tears often. Vote for Monal Gajjar whenever you feel that she deserves to be inside the house. Gossips time, Abhijeet shows some interest in her, but Monal Gajjar has said she is not in a mood for a relationship.

Vote for Monal Gajjar
Vote for Monal Gajjar

Amma Rajasekhar

Another Contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu Amma Rajasekhar is a Choreographer turned Director. He seems to be fun, started to flirt with Divi Vadthya during the first week. Vote for Amma Rajasekhar if you want him to continue in this Reality Show.Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestant, Amma Rajasekhar well-known director, and choreographer have now entered the house. Bigg Boss would be a come back for Amma Rajasekhar as he was on an unplanned hiatus from his cine work. He was seen being a funny and active contestant since the beginning. From morning dance to general talk he was seen bonding well with his co housemate Divi. He did manage to stay safe and not step onto the nomination list. It is yet to see if he can maintain that throughout the show.

Amma Rajasekhar Bigg Boss Telugu 4
Amma Rajasekhar Bigg Boss Telugu 4

Sai Kumar Pampana

Sai Kumar Pampana is the first wildcard entry of Bigg Boss Telugu 4, and this time the wildcard entry happened within the first week itself. Vote for Sai Kumar Pampana if you think he is a worthy Wildcard entrant of Bigg Boss 4. Let us wait to see if he turns out to be one of the favourites of BB fans.

Sai Kumar Pampana Bigg Boss Telugu 4
Sai Kumar Pampana Bigg Boss Telugu 4

Alekhya Harika

Big Boss Telugu 4 has started with a bang and, Dhettadi fame, Alekhya Harika a YouTuber and actress, made her entry with a graceful dance performance. The show has already created a lot of enthusiasm for the viewers with all tasks and the responses of contestants. Harika and Divi shared a warm hug after they found out their points after the kattapa task. Fortunately, Alekhya Harika was safe during the first nomination as any housemate did not nominate her. Let us wait to see what unfolds in the coming episodes.

Vote for Alekhya Harika
Vote for Alekhya Harika

Mehaboob Shaikh

Telugu Big Boss 4 contestant Mehboob 4 Dancer and Youtuber has entered the show and left people amazed with his dance moves. In the recent episode, during a task, he got teary-eyed and revealed he’d rather spend time with his parents if had only one day left in his life. Towards the end, The show has already heated up with the first tasks, fights of the first week, and the emotional moments. Mehaboob got nominated during the first round of nominations, but luckily he made it to the safe zone.

Vote for Mehaboob Shaikh
Vote for Mehaboob Shaikh

Devi Nagavalli

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestant, Devi Nagavalli well known for her role as a tv presenter on TV9 has now entered the house. Altho she is known for her controversial status Devi has maintained a clean and calm profile in the show. She was seen as being very friendly and nice in the show. Towards the end of the task, she was doing a great job and did not get on arguing with any other housemate. Despite all this, she did get nominated but thanks to her loyal fan base’s votes she was saved from getting eliminated and is in a safe zone now. It is yet to see how far will Devi make in the show in the coming episodes.

Vote for Devi Nagavalli
Vote for Devi Nagavalli

Syed Sohel Ryan

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Contestant, Sayed Sohel Rayn, an actor well known for his roles in both Telugu Film and TV industry has entered Bigg Boss. Initially, he was in a secret neighbor room along with a co-contestant Ariyana. He entered the show in a special category which is a new twist in the show. They joined the rest of the contestants after the first task in the show, and so luckily missed the nominations and are safe. With the coming weeks, it is yet to see if he continues to stay safe or will have to face the nominations.

Vote for Syed Sohel Ryan
Vote for Syed Sohel Ryan

Lasya Manjunath

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestant, Lasya Manjunath well known for her role as a tv presenter has now entered the house. She has been a charming and energetic person blending well with the other contestants. Altho there was a little tension going on as she showed her support to Karate Kalyani while Kalyani and Sujatha caught upon to an argument. She didn’t completely involve herself in any fight which left her out of the drama. She did pretty well in the first week and the task and managed to make it to the safe list without getting nominated. It is yet to see how the coming weeks will turn out to her.

Vote for BB4 Lasya Manjunath
Vote for BB4 Lasya Manjunath


Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestant, Jordan Sujatha well known for her role as a tv presenter has now entered the house. Sujatha has already sparked arguments and disagreements with her housemates. She took a call from Sayd from the secret room and so was suspected by other housemates. The housemates revealed how they felt she has to tell things clearly if the tasks were given directly by Bigg Boss or not. She also got into a heated argument with her fellow housemate Karate Kalyani which ended up with both of them feeling low and emotional. Her co housemate Monal comes to calm her down in the end. Towards the end of the task she also ended up getting nominated but was in the safe zone with borderline votes. It is yet to see if she will be able to make it to the safe list next week.

Vote for Sujatha
Vote for Sujatha

Ariyana Glory

Bigg Boss Telugu 4, contestant Ariyana Glory well known as an anchor, Tv presenter in Tollywood, has now entered the big boss house. To the surprise of the audience, though it was rumoured that she is a part of the big boss Telugu season 4 for a while she wasn’t seen In the house in the beginning. It is revealed that She along with Sayd Sohel Rayn are a part of a secret entrance that the other housemates won’t be aware of, ‘the secret neighbour house’. They will get to watch the housemates through a secret camera. It is yet to see how things will turn out for Ariyana in the coming weeks.

Vote for Ariyana Glory
Vote for Ariyana Glory

Karate Kalyani

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestant Karate Kalyani, a well-known actress for her comedic roles in the Telugu industry has entered the house. She has been doing well on the show so far. During the first task where everyone was expressing their personal feelings, Kalyani and Jordan Sujatha got into an argument. Though Sujatha tried to come back and mend the tension Kalani, she didn’t seem interested and the argument escalated. Kalyani did a better job and so did not get nominated this week. She gets emotional after the argument and her fellow housemate Surya Kiran consoles her. It is yet to see how the coming weeks in the house will turn out for her.

Vote for Karate Kalyani
Vote for Karate Kalyani

Noel Sean

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestant Noel Sean, is the first Telugu rapper, a composer, and an actor. Since his entry, his fans are pretty pumped about Noel being a part of the Big Boss Telugu season 4. During the first task, Noel gets doubtful about who gave the task which leads to spark an argument between the housemates. Luckily he wasn’t a part of it and was calmer for the most part. The audience is very hyped to see what the coming episodes have for them.

Vote for Noel Sean
Vote for Noel Sean

Divi Vadthya

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestant Divi Vandthya a Tollywood actress and model has entered the house. She claims she is a new face, not so familiar to the audience, there will be no opinions on her! And so her image will be exactly how she looks like at the show”. She is so far an energetic and calm contestant. She and Harika were seen bonding well after the kattapa task. Although she did get nominated towards the end of the task, she managed to make it to the safe list. The audience is curious about what the coming weeks will get fi them.

Vote for Divi Vadthya
Vote for Divi Vadthya

Akhil Sarthak

Bigg Boss Telugu 4, contestant Akhil Sarthak, best known for his powerful antagonist roles in both Telugu TV and Films has now entered the Big Boss house. Before leaving for big boss he took to his social media and said, whatever may be the situations that he will have to face in the house, he will continue to be himself and asked for the support of his fans. Although he did pretty well so far he did end up getting Nominated towards the end of the task. He managed to stay in the safe zoned and escaped the elimination which is good news to his fans. It is yet to see how the further days in big boss will turn out to him.

Vote for Akhil Sarthak
Vote for Akhil Sarthak

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote 4 Discussion

You can discuss Bigg Boss Telugu Vote 4 in the comments, mention who is your favorite Telugu Bigg Boss Season 4 Contestant and your reason for saving them. Don’t forget to vote for Bigg Boss Telugu 4 every week. Our website has a public opinion poll running especially for Bigg Boss Telugu Vote, you can get to know the general opinion of fans here. Wait each week to know the results of the Bigg Boss Telugu Poll, you can also check these results daily on our website. Don’t forget to vote!

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