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Hameed Ansari has said that while retiring from the Vice President, “Indian Muslims are insecure.” BJP has condemned this. The party said that the idea was to seek political asylum.

Hameed Ansari gave a special interview to Delhi Superintendent DV while retiring from Vice-President.

In an interview he said, “Indian Muslims have no intention of protecting you. India is a multi-faceted society for the last 70 years. For centuries, it’s like that. The current situation has threatened to live together in harmony with everyone. ”

While it was bumpy, he spoke controversially at the division of the upper house of the Delhi High Commission yesterday.

He then quoted former President Dr Radhakrishnan saying, “If the opposition groups are not allowed to criticize the government’s policies fairly, freely and openly, it will become a trench to democracy.”

Moreover, “democracy specializes in the protection of minorities. At the same time, the minorities are also responsible, “he said.

The Bharatiya Janata Party has condemned the comments of Hameed Ansari.

That party general secretary Kailash Wijeerghya said yesterday, “I condemn her opinion. With his retirement, he has published political opinions. He is still vice president. Such comments do not dignify her high ranking. It seems that he has made such comments to seek political asylum after retirement. ”

He added, “Nobody expected such” little ideas “from someone in this high rank.


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