On Thursday, The members of the Rajya sabha were against the developers of the Game in online because it controls the young user’s brain to break the laws and even to commit suicides. Such games should be banned in India.

The Parliament Member Amar Shankar Sable is the first one to raise the question against this issue. The guy named as Manpreet, who committed suicide by jumping from a building in Mumbai.

He was blue whale game, and many deaths are linked to the game which causes 130 to lost their life reported in countries like china, Italy, and France.

Mr. Sable said the gamers are instructed to break the law, don’t follow the traffic rules, travel in train without the ticket,watch horror movies and finally to commit suicide.

Even the same argument is undergone in the Maharashtrian Assembly.

Member Vikas Vikas Mahatme said such games were very addictive. Samajwadi Party’s Sanjay Seth said there should be provisions to remove such games from websites.

Samajwadi Party’s Sanjay Seth said this games must be removed from the site as soon as possible.