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The C-39 rocket is launched on 31st of Thursday (Thursday).

ISRO scientists said that the 29-hour ‘countdown’ starts tomorrow.

ISNSSS for marine research Indian Space Research Institute (ISRO) has decided to send 7 satellites into space.

Accordingly, it has already successfully launched seven satellites as planned. Following the completion of the life cycle of the original satellite, the newly 1,425 kg of IRNSS. ISRO has designed a 1-H.

This is from the Satishwaran Space Research Institute in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh, BSLV. ISRO plans to launch the C-39 rocket on 31st of Thursday (Thursday). Scientists are engaged in this preparation.

The 29-hour ‘countdown’ tomorrow (Wednesday) starts at 1.59 pm and closes at 6.59 pm on 31st May. Now the parts of the rocket are mounted and fuel filling is taking place seriously.

Through this, you can observe natural anger, calamity management, marine functions. The IRSS is sent to a rocket with a weight of 320 tons and 44.4 meters. The 1-H satellite is designed in India. At least 284 km from the Earth and at a maximum of 20 thousand 657 kms. ISRO scientists said the above information