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Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is set to launch a cricket academy in Dubai in. It has been decided to extend it to Africa and Britain.

Dhoni’s triumphant mantra is in the field of thinking that no one can think. Outside the field, this same mantra leads to his success.

Dhoni’s old friend and ex-player Mihir Diwakar is having the company named as Agra Sports. It is also the same institution to conduct this academy, which has been signed with the Pacific Ventures Company in Dubai. Through this, the project is to carry the benefits of this academic world.

Speaking to Dhoni’s friend Diwakar, he said, “The purpose of this academy is to give young people the opportunity to take this brand to the world.”

Mr. Pervez Khan of Pacific Ventures said that this is an excellent platform for NRIs to make cricket possible for the boys. That’s why we have taken over the rights of Britain, the United States, and South Africa, “he added.

This academy is open by Dhoni in Dhubri in October. This campus is at Sproutel school. Here are the best facilities, pits, and women are preparing.

Dhoni has already started two academics in Lucknow and Gurgaon. But starting in Dubai is an international effort.

Dhoni will take care of all of these academies, from training methods to Dhoni, until he develops leadership qualities, which is the biggest boon for young people, says Pacific Ventures.