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Facebook,the world’s most used Social network platform is planned to celebrate the World Photography day on Saturday as a WorldWide event.

Its planned to reminded its users all over the world to how to use the platform as the part of the global event.

According to the Report from the Facebook,India records the fourth spot and fifth spot among the top countries in the posting the photo on the Both Facebook and Messenger platform respectively.

Facebook planned to remind its 2.5 bilion users to teach them to how to capture the photos and share the photos using their tools as part of the World Photography day.

Story: Facebook “Stories” and “Messenger Day” — two new formats for sharing photos — The photos posted on the both platform can be disappear within a 24 hours.

Creative Camera Tools: Both Facebook and Messenger have in-app cameras that instantly capture the pictures and added the frames, doodles as per our wish.

According to Facebook, “Black Fedora” with sunglasses was the most used mask.

The 360 Degree Photos: This is the best feature intoduced by the facebook, on this photography day. It can make you feel at the centre of the world.

Featured Photos: To make sure all their friends on Facebook have a glimpse of their best five clicks, they can select “Featured Photos” that will appear on the top of their Timeline.

Albums: You can also follow or unfollow your favourite photo albums on Facebook.

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