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MS Dhoni is the one who has Bring several successes for India. He led the Indian team to capture three major trophies of the ICC event.

After that, Dhoni made some bilateral decisions as retired from the Test series and also left out from the position of a one-day captain.

He is currently playing in the squad, and the crisis has started to increase. Because in recent times Dhoni’s Batting form is not good.

So young players are waiting outside. Prasad, the chairman of the selection committee, said Dhoni place in indian team would be the to reveal the talent.

Dhoni also said that he would have to fight to keep his place hard.

Gautam Gambhir, another opening batsman in the Indian squad, a=said that Dhoni will have to play well if he wants to play in the 2019 World Cup.

Who ever it is, be it Dhoni or Manis Pandey can be a batted well to get a chance and play for the country.

Dhoni has done so much for the Indian team. But that’s the old story. We’re talking about the present-day.

If he does not play well, he also wants to sit outside the team.