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The growth rate of the 8 sectors such as cement,electricity,steel,fertilizers,coal,crude oil, fertiliser natural gas, refinery products was 7 percent in last year.

It has been slowed to 0.4% in June due to contraction in output of coal, refinery fertilizer and cement.

The production of coal declined by 6.7%, refinery products by 0.2%, fertilizer by 3.6% , cement by 5.8% and Crude oil rise to 0.6% last month as against a decline of 4.3% in June 2016.

Steel production and power generation decreased to 5.8% and 0.7% in June this year from 8.8% and 9.8% in the same month last year respectively.

In May, these eight sectors had recorded a growth rate of 4.1%.