Goods and Service Tax (GST) has been implemented across the country since 1st July. Of these, 59.57 lakh taxpayers joined. Of these, 64.4 per cent were in the first month (July) of GSt. Are paying.

The central government’s tax revenue was Rs. 48,000 crore, while the state government’s tax revenue was Rs. 43,000 crore as against a target of Rs. 91,000 crore.

But the total exceeds the target of Rs 92,283 crore. Has scored a record. Central GST is Rs 14,894 crore, State GST is Rs 22,722 crore, Coal GST is Rs 47,469 crore and Rs 7,198 crore as tax on specific goods. In addition, import of Rs 20,964 crores was imported.

Of the 59.57 lakh registered people, only 38.3 lakhs were GSts. The account has been filed. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has said that everybody has to pay a substantial tax on the target.

The deadline for accounting for July was completed on the last 25th. Those paying late deposits are charged a fine of Rs 100 per day.

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