Heavy rain in the Northern and eastern regions of the Thailand have caused the flood in that area; The flood will result in the estimated damage which cost up tp around 300 million.

It is found that at least 23 people have lost their lives and two people were missed.

The Interior Ministry said on Thursday,”Ten provinces have been flooded due to heavy rains and it affected  721,500 people.

The flood also caused damage to 1,554 square kilometers of rice farming land. The hardest hit is Sakon Nakhon province, around 640

The hardest hit is Sakon Nakhon province, around 640 kilometers east of Bangkok, which has recorded nine deaths. Even the Schools and department stores in the province remain shut.

Mongkol Tunsuwan, the president for the northeastern region of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, said that,” the shutdown of shops in the locality directly affects the local economy.”

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha visited flood victims in Sakon Nakhon on Wednesday and said that the government was working on a big project to fix flooding on a water management project.

Jirapan Assawathanakul, chief of the Thai General Insurance Associated, said that his association estimated that insurance companies would have to pay around 1 billion baht ($30 million) in compensation for disaster relief.