The strong winds of South Rajasthan have been affected by the air strip on the west coast. Likewise, the low atmospheric level is formed in the north and the adjacent areas of Odisha. It rains in Mumbai.

The Meteorological Center warned that the same weather could continue for the next 48 to 72 hours. Consequently, heavy rains have been continuing, and there is a steady stream of floods.

Schools are closed due to heavy rains in Mumbai. There is a traffic jam in different areas. Rail and air traffic service in Mumbai has been stalled due to heavy rains.

Accidental incidents have occurred, as the wall collapses in various areas and the fall of trees. Vehicles are seen walking on the roads.

Traffic signals can not function at important locations. Rain vehicles are not known.

Due to heavy rains, the water goes up over the roads.

Flood water is flooded into the KEM hospital in Barrell. 30 patients in the hospital have been immediately shifted to the upper plate. There is water in the ground.

Electricity barrier in various areas has been caused by heavy rain and floods. Water in the East Sagar region is much higher in Andheri. The rainfall is recorded in the city at 7:30 am and 6 mms per 100 mm. The train service has been affected by three routes in Mumbai.

Three National Disaster Rescue Squads have been reported in Mumbai. Two more teams from Pune are on their way to Mumbai. Heavy rain is due to heavy rain in various areas.

The Meteorological Center warns that heavy rainfall in Mumbai is likely.

It has been reported that in the next 48 hours in Mumbai, there will be a rainfall of 250 million mm. A warning has been issued to avoid public outcry without necessity. Due to bad weather, the flights have been diverted.

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