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The Chinese Army intercepted the Indian Army to intervene to stop the construction of the Chinese military road in the Tokelam area of India, China and Bhutan. The two soldiers were engaged in war crimes in the last two months.

India held a Kingdom speech with China to end it. As a result, the bipartisan war tension has come to an end. In a sudden twist, the two countries announced that the withdrawal of troops from both countries was withdrawn.

However, China has been told to explore all aspects of the weather, the situation in the field and complete the road work.

China, Brazil, Russia, India, and South Africa, the 9th Briggs Summit of the 5-member ‘Briggs’ organization will be held. Prime Minister Modi will attend the ‘Briggs’ Summit, which begins on September 3.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to meet Jinping between the conference. Meanwhile, China claims that “India will learn from Tokelam’s conflict and will not allow such incidents to happen in the future.”

Prime Minister Modi has given the ‘Advise’ to the State Department only to talk about the Tokelam affair.

India has succeeded in evacuating Chinese troops from Tokelam and there is a need to disclose that the Prime Minister has requested the State Department to do so only. Prime Minister Modi has asked the ministers not to speak any other minister except the external affairs minister during the Cabinet meeting. The department has only been asked to deal with the Tokelam issue, which is considered the most important issue.

Talking to reporters, Arun Jaitley said, “The issue of Tokelam has been raised. But the State Department has already issued its report on this issue.

There is no need to publish a number of statements in view of the importance of this issue, “said Arun Jaitley.