The Nagur Water and Health Services Company sells human waste and sells it into fuel. Its employees do the job.

In doing so, they eliminate harmful microorganisms and Also remove the odor.

Only one in four residents of Nagur have been connected to sewage system. Remnants of the remainder are buried in water levels and low income groups.

However, the use of waste can be utilized to make ammunition as a fuel for everyone. People who refused to use it first want to use it now.

“There is no nourishment; Helps cook well, burns well. It is a family house that reads praise for the fast burns and burns these bells for a long time.

The European countries have a great deal to help with the aim of improving the health and environment of poor people.

It is noteworthy that a similar scheme has been implemented in some places including the Amma Restaurant in Coimbatore district.

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