The late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa did not marry throughout her lifetime. Meanwhile, Manjula alias Amruta (38) of Karnataka State has created a stir that late Jayalalitha as her mother.

She has written a letter to the President, Prime Minister and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. In that letter she said: –

Jayalalithaa, is one of the three children of my grandmother Sandhya-Jayaram couple in the 1960s famous actress. I am his daughter. My name is Madrulala alias Amruta and Ammu also calls me pet.

After losing her parents, my mother was under stress. Then Telugu actor Sopan Babu showed great interest in my mother. In his care, my mother returned to normal. The friendship between them became love. Both lived together. Though she decided to marry, the marriage ended with the opposition of Sopanabu’s first wife.

My mother was pregnant and i was born on August 14, 1980. Our family refused to accept the relationship of Jayalalithaa and Sopan Babu as a formal family. So my mother handed over to her sister Sailaja.

The Sailaja-Driver couple who worked in Bangalore grown up  me as my own daughter. But Jayalalithaa’s daughter was not told everywhere. Jayalalithaa seems to have taken promise from them.

Sailaja told me to visit Chennai and meet Jayalalithaa by Writing a ticket to me in 1996. I also went to the Boise Garden and met her. After watching me, she woke up and showed interest. This gave me a surprise. After that I met her many times. But never once said that she is  my own mother. she warned me not to come to politics and cinema for any reason.

After Jayalalithaa’s death, Deepa and Deepak were the that my mother’s property was the heir. My cousin Jayalakshmi in the United States told me that she was the only daughter of Jayalalithaa. Another relative Lalitha, who lives in Basavanagudi, confirmed the matter. When I was born, Ranjini Ravindranath and Lalitha maintained my mother.

They know my birth secret. Jayalalithaa’s death is not a natural death. she did not die even if her health was affected. Jayalalithaa was attacked on September 22, 2016. Therefore, Sasikala Natarajan, Dinakaran, Deepak Jayakumar and Sheela Balakrishnan, the chief secretary of Jayalalithaa, should investigate.

Sasikala has been responsible for My mother, Jayalalithaa death. The CBI should conduct a special investigation into the Supreme Court supervision. To find out the cause of death, she must dig up the body and hold the post mortem. My mother is DNA to prove that she is Must be ordered to conduct genetic testing. Manjula has said in that letter.

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