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The Indian cricket team, who has gone to Sri Lanka, has been part of the three-Test Test series. The Indian team won by 304 runs in the first Test at Kyle.

This was followed by the 2nd Test between India and Sri Lanka in Colombo on 3rd. With the help of Pujara and Rahane in the first innings, India scored 622 runs for 9 wickets. Sri Lanka then scored his first innings, scoring at 183 runs and became the ‘Follow-on’.

The Sri Lankan team played in the 2nd innings with 439 runs as the ‘Follow-On’ was given. At the end of the 3rd day the team had scored 209 runs for the second wicket. Karunaratne was in the field with 92 runs and Pushpakumara 2 was dropped as a wicket-keeper.

In the middle of the crisis, the wicket fell in the unlikely interval of the Sri Lankan team on the 4th day yesterday. The spin bowler Ravindra Jadeja hit the balls well and made the move. Sri Lanka batsmen were unable to cope with him. Karunaratne (141) was the highest score in the innings.Rahane made a catch in his slogan (Gloves) on the slip in the ball. Captain Chandimal (2 runs) and Matthews (36 runs) were also hit by Jadeja’s spin.

Before the tea break, the Sri Lankan team scored 386 runs in the 2nd innings. The Indian team won the Test by 53 runs in the innings. Ravindra Jadeja took 5 wickets in the Indian side and Ashwin and Harik Pandya took 2 wickets each.

Ravindra Jadeja was awarded the Man of the Match award for all-rounder. With this victory, the Indian team took the Test series 2-0. The 3rd and last Test match between these two teams will be played on 12th, coming in Pallegale.
India’s first innings win in Sri Lankan soil

This is the first time that Indian team’s innings was eaten in Sri Lankan soil. This is the 8th victory of Indian team in Sri Lanka. Including winning 4 consecutive matches. India equaled Pakistan’s record of eight Test victories in Sri Lanka (8 wins this win).

* This is the 7th time that Sri Lankan team innings defeat in their own soil. Finally, in 2000, Pakistan was knocked down to this point in the Kale Stadium.

Ashwin (54 runs) and Ravindra Jadeja (70 runs) were the other batsmen in the first innings of the Indian team. In the first innings, Ashwin and Jadeja took 5 wickets in the 2nd innings. They are the first Indian pair to take 5 wickets in the only innings in the only Test. In total this is the 3rd event. Australia’s George Gibbon and Albert Drott in the Test against England in 1895, and England’s Tim Priscen and Stuart Pratt in the 2011 Test against India have created such a great achievement.

In the second innings, Kulal Mendis and Karunaratne scored a hundred in Sri Lanka. This is the 14th time of two in one innings after Paolo. At the same time, this is the first experience for Sri Lanka.

* Jadeja has won the award for 4th time in the last year. Virat Kohli is the third highest scorer ever to win.

Virat Kohli was the first Indian captain to win two Test series in Sri Lanka.

* Indian captain Rahane made 50 catches (39 Tests). The Indian feather Rahane is the fastest 50 cc batsman after Eknath Sohal (26 Tests).

‘The only goal of where to play is the goal’ – Kohli

After the victory, Indian captain Virat Kohli said, ‘We have seen Paolo-ons in the first innings of the Sri Lankan batsmen in the first innings. I do not really like to have PAO-on. It also does not want to give ‘Paolo-On’ when there is a lot of explosions on the pitch. I know that it is difficult to drive away the score of 150 runs in 4th innings. It is anticipated that it will be a kind of international match (in Sri Lanka’s best in 2nd innings). We also talked to us that we should face the difficult environment and even cheerfully, even if we can not wicket up today (yesterday).

It is a pleasure to win the series once again and win the game. Now we have a chance to make them white vash. The truth is to say that this is a local test, which does not look like outdoors. It is only a test cricket competition. We want to win any game in the world. Having enough confidence on our talents

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