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The Mission Voyager 2, which NASA sends into its 40th year, is to study the planetary stars of Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter and Neptune. Indian classical music space is still visible.

And India’s classical music has been ringing for over forty years on a wide open space of 11 billion miles from Earth. How did this happen?

NASA’s landing voyager-2 mission is taking place this month in 40th year. Many people do not know that this spacecraft is carrying a record with various sounds of the Earth. It carries the music of India and the classical music of India.

The Voyager -2 spacecraft was dispatched on August 20, 1977. The first spacecraft to fly to four other planets, such as Sun, Uranus, Jupiter, and Neptune. The Hindustani heritage known as “Jat Kahan ho” by the famous Kayal singer Sarsi Kesarbay Kerkur in the second half of the 20th century
The spacecraft was carrying the music.

Three minutes to last 25 seconds, the Voyager 2 was carrying a 12-inch gold-plated copper disc.

Its double space shuttle, Voyager – was shipped on September 5, 1977. The same goes like a musical trump.

Indian music was chosen by a NASA appointed committee headed by Karl Sagan.