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Indian Rupee Slashed 5 paise against dollar to 64.12

On wednesday, the value of the Indian rupees increased 5 paises against the US dollar. so the value of the US dollar in Indian Rupees is brought down to Rs. 64.12 as per RBI.

The two day meeting on the monetary ends on the wednesday. In the meeting, The traders said to the importers about the fresh demand of the US curriencies and policies.

The Indian Currency rising  to new highs and the dollar’s weakness against other currencies overseas arrested the rupee’s fall.

According to RBI, On tuesday the value of the indian rupee increases as 64,07 which is the fresh value in the last two half and months and it also increases the rate of the dollar amid the expectation of the rate cut.

In the Indian Sensex, it is the new benchmark where the BSE Sensex climbed 111.31 points and  0.34  in per cent and it creates a new record 32,686.48 and the Nifty scaled a new high of 10,137.85 in opening trade.