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An officer in the Madhya Pradesh Bhopal Central Prison is involved in a shocking and inhuman operation.
A young boy and a woman in Bhopal are reported to have been Sealed on the faces by Central prison workers and then entered into jail to see their visitor.

On this day, the matter came to know that a close relative is in the Prison so, the children went to meet him to celebrate Raksha Bandhan on Monday.

This incident provoked anger among the public.

Following this, the state government has ordered the investigation on the Jail prison worker.

Concerning this issue, Bhopal Minister Kusum Medidale said: “We have ordered an investigation into the stampede on the face, and I strongly condemn it, and the authorities responsible for the incident will be investigated.

Dr. Raghavendra, head of the State Commission for Children, said: “This incident is a terrible event. The prisons did not notice the fact that children can have an impact on the lives of their entire lives”.

He also said,”We expect the report from prison officials involved in the incident.”

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