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Island GUAM in Danger: North Korea is in plan to attack US BASE

It has been reported that North Korea is planning to launch a missile test to attack the country’s Guam island in violation of US resistance.

On Wednesday, North Korea said, “We plan to attack the Guam area in the Pacific region of the United States. We are carefully examining the plans. ”

And in the KCNA press release of North Korea’s military information, “President Kim is waiting for the order. We will proceed after his approval “.

In a few hours, North Korea’s response has been answered in response to US President Trump’s remarks that if the North Korea wants to take action against the US, it will have to face the consequences.

The Guam governor said on the threat of North Korea, “We are not just a military base, but the soil of the United States. Guam is kind enough to face any kind of attack. We are constantly in touch with the White House. ”

Previously, North Korea is engaged in nuclear testing experiments in violation of international laws, contracts and all UN regulations.

It also runs sophisticated missile tests. Especially successful testing of any part of the US attacking the test.

The US brought a new resolution to the UN to impose a severe economic ban on North Korea.

Last week, the decision was made by the UN. 15 countries in the Security Council unanimously endorsed.

North Korea can not prevent our country’s nuclear test. Even if the US is intimidating us, we will not come to negotiate on nuclear affairs. ”

US President Trump on Tuesday shouted to North Korea: “It’s good for North Korea not to engage in intimidating US actions. If not, they will still see the unseen effect of this world. “

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