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In the Karnataka, the Kannada language is mandatory and made compulsory in the banking sectors. The Kannada Development Authority has issued notices to nationalized banks, private and rural banks. Bank employees have been asked to ensure that the Kannada language is mandatory. If they do not learn the Kannada language in 6 months, they will lose their job.

In this interview, Kannada Development Commission Chairman SG Chitaramaiyah told the website that we have been offering six months to learn Kannada.

After 6 months, the Kannada language staff has been ordered to remove the job immediately and order the regional head of the banks.

According to his information, the bank has been given a continuation notice despite the fact that banks are not interested in bringing Kannada language.

“Most people in the state know only Kannada language. We think about them. It is true that if the banks do not respect the regional language, it will not be able to deny that the future will lead to conflict. The banks must ensure that the Kannada language is needed to be learned immediately, “he said. Cittaramaiya.

It is also ordered to set up centers for teaching language within the bank premises.

Application forms are available only in Hindi and English. Banks must comply with three language policies, including advertising, annual reports.

People can fill bank forms with Kannada language. It is also important for rural banks. “According to the Reserve Bank’s policy, banks must follow the trilingual policy. When it comes to employing work in Karnataka state, you should ensure that Kannada language staff are working.

If they do not do this, employees should learn Kannada language in 6 months. If that’s not the case, they should be dismissed from work. The Kannada Development Authority has been informed in the letter that this regulation should be followed strongly.

SG Cittaramaiya has also said that the Kannada Development Authority officials will be investigating abruptly by banks.

Ranjith, a bank employee in Bangalore, said he was informed of the new regulation on Tuesday morning.