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Thousands of fans gathered to see Sunny Leone, a Bollywood actress who had come to Kochi for the opening of a mobile phone, stormed traffic throughout the road.

Bollywood actress Sunny Leone has come for a new mobile shop opening at MG Road in Kochi, Kerala.

Fans gathered on the road from 8 am to see her. This caused a huge disruption in traffic.

Over the next few hours, the entire area was surrounded by Sunny Leone’s fans. As a result, vehicles and passengers had to look for other ways. At the peak, a large number of fans, buses and large buildings have gone to see Sunny Leone. Some fans climbs on the metro rail pillars.

When Sunny Leone climbed up the stage, loud slogans splashed the sky. The fans tried to take photos of their cameras.

The police were unable to cope with the crowd and the traffic jam. In one case, the police were continuing to announce the announcement to dissolve the crowd on the road.

The ambulance, which tried to go to the hospital, was faced with difficulty. In some places, the police batheed and dissolved the crowd. After a lot of struggles the traffic was smooth at about 2.30 pm.

Ernakulam police have registered a case for causing public transportation to the mobile shop administration and employees.

In this context, Sunny Leone posted Facebook and Twitter recording, “I will not forget Kerala’s own territory, Kerala. I am delighted with your love and support for fans. “