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Actor Kamal Haasan is conducting the ‘Bigboss’ program in private television for 100 days without celebrities. Actors Namitha, Oviya, Anuya, Gayathri Raghuram, Raisa, Aarti and Julie were present on the occasion.

Anunya, Namitha, Bharani and Ganja Black from this show have been released and new actress Bindu Madhavi has been added. Oviya was a celebration that was a daily basis. At one point, the participants of the Bigboss program turned against Oviya.

Oviya was romantically promoted to actor aarav who was then comforted by her. Aarav belongs to Nagercoil. Currently staying with the family in Trichy. He has acted in more than 300 television commercials. He has acted in Saithan with Antony.

Oviya believed that she loved herself because she was very close to the home of Big boss. Aarav turned back in saying that I did not love you when he told him in love. He then avoided talking to Oviya. Oviya could not forget the orange. Then he rolled up.

Then he was depressed with love failure. He stretched out of the house pouring out of the rain. Oviya was drowning in the house. At one point he jumped into a swimming pool and tried to commit suicide. The fans were scared.

Oviya was forced to arrange for treatment with a psychologist. She was crying out of love and she was now evicted from the Big boss show. Actor Kamal Haasan asked him to find out the mindset of Oviya in the romance of love. The answer given by Oviya is as follows: –

“It was true that I was trapped in love. There are some clarifications. I am grateful that fans love me so much. I will soon announce how to turn my gratitude to the fans.

Aarav is like a spine in my life. I love him alive for life. I can not forget him. I’m not without the oracle. I’m waiting for the change. He will come to me soon. “Oviya said