Memorial for Jayalalithaa in Veda Nilayam

Chennai: Veda Nilayam, the magnificent bungalow in Poes Garden where J.Jayalalithaa lived for nearly 50 years, is back in the light, this time for a noble reason.

The sprawling mansion, which will be converted into a memorial of its high-profile owner who ruled Tamil Nadu’s political arena for nearly three decades, will now welcome millions of people from across the country to give a glimpse of how the heroine-turned-politician lived in opulence and solitude and at the same time, the contrast with which the late Jayalalithaa was identified all long her life.

The bungalow, whose value is nearly Rs 90 crore as on date, was purchased by Jayalalithaa’s mother Sandhya for a mere Rs 1.32 lakh in 1967 when both were in the glamorous film world which Jayalalithaa eventually ruled like an empress till she joined the politics under the tutelage of her mentor M. G. Ramachandran in 1982.

Since Jayalalithaa spent most part of her life — nearly four decades — in the house. Immediately after her death, there were demands from several quarters that the bungalow should be converted into a memorial for Jayalalithaa and former chief minister O. Panneerselvam jumped on the bandwagon in February after the “Mannargudi family” booted him out from the AIADMK. 19, Veda Nilayam, as the name plate screams was a symbol of power in TN since 1987 when Jayalalithaa was thrust into active politics after MGR’s death, has been vacant ever since V K Sasikala was jailed in February this year.

Though Sandhya had bought only the front portion of the mansion, her daughter Jayalalithaa expanded the bungalow by acquiring the nearby properties as her political graph arose rapidly. Many leaders and journalists who had visited Poes Garden for more than three decades say it is a “paradise on earth” and only a few were allowed on the first floor where Jayalalithaa’s bedroom was located.

“The most magnificent thing about the sprawling bungalow is the library that Jayalalithaa used extensively. For a private collection of books, the library is no less than magnificent. Jayalalithaa spent most of her time in the library when she was at her home since she was a voracious reader.”


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