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Venkaiyah Naidu, who is today take the office as the 13th president of the country, The function is held at the Rajya Sabha today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Venkaiyah Naidu, who was sworn in as vice president.

The main features of Prime Minister Modi’s speech are: – Vice President was born after independence. He was not born into a rich family. He was a Farmer’s son. The poor are focused on problems. Venkaiyah Naidu was well aware of the functions of the Rajya Sabha.

Venkaiyah Naidu, who has so far from the lowest level, will lead India to a great dignity and take him to a new peak.

Venkaiyah Naidu paid welfare to the poor during his tenure as minister.

The greatest responsibility of the poor farmer’s son is the proof of the mature democracy in India. Venkaiyah Naidu has worked well in state politics and

Venkaiyah Naidu has worked well in state politics and Central government. Today the Sagittarius is in high rank, “he said.