Earlier in Mumbai yesterday, the history of heavy rains was unprecedented. From yesterday morning till midnight at 12am, In Mumbai 316 mm ,The rain was recorded.

All the roads in the city were flooded. The rails were hiding in rainwater. So the road traffic is completely paralyzed. Public stayed in various places, including offices, rail stations, places of worship, and halls. People who were trapped in the train and in the bus went on for about 12 hours.

The death toll in the city of Mumbai has fallen to the ground and the death toll has fallen to eight. Their bodies are restored. 13 people, including the doctor, have vanished. The rescue squads are coming in search of them.

Roads and raids on the rails were carried out on wartime basis. Municipalities have gone on a day-long rescue operation.

However, early morning after 2am, traffic began steadily steadily on the eastern and western highways. However, no electricity transit was launched until yesterday morning. So special buses were run to deal with this.

Rail traffic in the Central Railway started after yesterday afternoon due to flooding. The train started on the morning from West Railway. After the start of the bus and bus transport, the nature of life began to turn back in Mumbai.

The public has been relieved. However, most people did not leave their homes yesterday because the Meteorological Center announced that it was raining again.

Most private companies, except schools and colleges, had a holiday. Similarly, government offices and staff were strangely absorbed.

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