The Maharashtra  state capital Mumbai has been widespread in the past few days. Especially in the suburbs, there was heavy rainfall. The Meteorological Center has already announced that there will be heavy rain in the next 72 hours in Mumbai.

Accordingly, rains from Mumbai and suburbs rained since yesterday night. From 8.30am to 12 noon in the area of Mumbai incessant rains. Thus the water in the city was surrounded by floods. Patients were shifted to safe places due to flooding in hospitals.

Road traffic was strained due to heavy rainfall in low lying areas. Vehicles were stuck in the flood and stuck in the middle. In many places the trees fell into the roots. In many places the wall collapsed.

With heavy rains the rails were flooded and electricity was stopped in all parts of Mumbai. Air traffic was also affected. Over 40 flights were diverted to many places like Ahmedabad, Pune and Nagpur due to floods in the airport.

All the facilities were affected, and the nature of the public was completely crippled. It was impossible to get out for everyday needs.

The school and offices were given a holiday after lunch. However, the outsiders did not return home. Many people did not get in flood water.

First-time Minister Devendra Bhatnavis appealed to the public not to leave the houses.

The corporation reported that it was 220 mm in the rain from yesterday and last night.

Municipalities were involved in rescue operations in flood-ravaged areas. Several places have been eliminated by water absorber pumps.

The Mumbai Municipal Corporation has started a 24-hour service center to help flood victims. It has been announced that civilians can get free contact with the number 196.

Firefighters have been alerted by the National Disaster Rescue Division in the municipal and suburbs. The victims have been staying in temples and schools.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Narendra Modi contacted state Chief Minister Devendra Patnaivi on the phone and heard the flood situation. He promised that all assistance would be provided. Similarly, Interior Minister Rajnath Singh had heard the situation with Padnavis.

The Meteorological Center has announced that heavy rains will be in Mumbai for the next two days. It is noteworthy that in 2005, three days of heavy rains in Mumbai were flooded and several deaths were reported.

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