Nagpur-Mumbai Duronto express train hit

The Duronto Express train which was heading from Nagpur to Mumbai was hit by the morning at Asankan area. Fortunately, no passenger was injured in the accident.

At 6:35 am, the 6-seat of Duranto Express Railway left the rails at the Ashankon Railway Station. Upon hearing the accident, the rescue team and medical team rushed to the scene and began rescue and first aid services.

Rescue work is ongoing. Railway service has been affected due to the inclement weather.

The train has been providing assistance to passengers who have been on the runway.

Railway spokesman Anil Saxena said the passenger was not injured in the incident. In the meanwhile, some passengers have reported that some passengers have been injured in the accident.

“6 train sets with the rail engine left the railroad. We do not know what’s going on.

Some were trapped in the toilet of the train, and other passengers broke the window glasses, “said Justin Rao, who traveled in the train. It has also been reported that the delay in arrival of rescue crews has been delayed. This is the fourth incident in the past 10 days when the train is crashed.

The accident occurred on August 19 when Udkal Express was speeding up in Uttar Pradesh, killing 23 people.

More than 60 people were injured. On August 23, another 100 passengers were injured in an accident in Uttar Pradesh. The accident occurred on August 25 at Andheri in Mumbai, where six passengers were injured.

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