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Telangana on Tuesday the introduction of the new traffic rules, the Hyderabad police booked over 1,000 cases and awarded penalty points. It will lead to automatic suspension of driving license for frequent traffic violations,

Hyderabad Traffic Police Joint Commissioner in the recent interview he said “We have started awarding penalty points for violators as part of ‘Penalty Point System’,”

He also said that, ” It aimed at inculcating self-discipline among motorists and It was the first time a law like this was implemented in India.

The law was enforced in the boundaries of Hyderabad, Cyberabad, and Rachakonda.

He also said that “Today 1,065 cases were registered against motorists for various traffic violations and 1,188 points were awarded to the motorist.

Hyderabad Police Commissioner M. Mahendra Reddy said that the law was implemented to show that the Hyderabad is one of the safest city to drive for the motorist.

The traffic officials also said,”These penalty points are in addition to the fine imposed for the respective violation.

The individual whose license is cancelled drives vehicle, then the vehicle is seized, and on filing a chargesheet such violator is likely to get imprisonment up to 3 months.