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Tokelam is the place where the borders of India, China and Bhutan meet.

The Chinese army destroyed the Indian army’s bunkers there. Also, the road offensive is set up.

Responding to this, Indian troops were concentrated in the area.

Thus, there is tension in the area for more than 50 days.

India has rejected China’s warning of withdrawal of troops.

Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu said that there was no possibility of war between India and China, as war tensions increased between the two countries.

Responding to the journalist’s question, Pema Gond said: “There is no tension on the border. There is no question of the war between India and China. Because the war will result in the loss of both countries.

Both countries are very mature. The Foreign Ministry continues to speak with China to resolve the problem now.

Soon, there will be a solution to this problem.

China is also demanding the entire Arunachal Pradesh. This is only China’s demand. This problem will be solved through the suit. “

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