The Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Secretary Neera Yadav in a land allotment scam from 1993-95 is founded guilty in Noida. Now Supreme court has reduced her jail term from three to two years.

There is also change in the duration of imprisoned for the two convicts has been reduced from three to two years. Two convicts named as Kurian Joseph and R Banumathi Involved in the conviction of IAS officer Rajiv Kumar.

The Central bureau of India without evidence they stated that Ms. Yadav, a 1971 batch IAS officer, was Chief Executive Officer of Noida in 1995 and she violated norms in allotting a prime plot of land to an industrialist.

She also  entered into a criminal offense with 1983-batch IAS officer,  Mr.Rajiv Kumar and then Deputy Chief Executive Officer  to change land use of a plot which was used for a guesthouse and increased in violation of norms.A

Added to this, Ms. Yadav during her period if Noida CEO, she misused his job as the public servant by violating its norms.

From the CBI side, it has proven that “The allotment was done despite the fact that the application submitted by her was incomplete in many respects and was submitted after the closing date of the scheme.

It was also that she got two plots allotted in the names of her two daughters. As per the rules of Noida, Only one land is allotted for a Family.