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Do not make the first GST tactic at the last minute :GST leader President

The last day of the GST account is to be announced on the 20th. It has been reported that millions of businessmen have not yet prepared their account.

According to Naveen Kumar , only verification in the companies that assist them to pay 34 GST taxes to file accounts is finalized.

The GST Tax Payment website has the ability to upload 3 billion receipts every month.

This will not cripple anybody at the last minute if everyone is trying to file an emergency. “At the last minute about 50 percent people expect to be able to file an account,” he said.

At present 7 million taxpayers have begun their account.

However, more than one third of them have not filled up the form to pay taxes. Besides, 1.3 million new customers have also registered.

He added that he had already added a value tax on the website and that there would be no difficulty.