Star Vijay is the TRP King in the South media with is Big boss First edition.

The main reason for the Shows hit is not Kamal Haasan, not Namitha or Jallikattu Julie.

She is the Super woman from Kerala. The young girl is TRPs for Bigg Boss Tamil this year, is contestant Oviya.

The Big boss is reached everywhere because of our ulaganayagan. But Oviya is the key reason for this big hit where the social media timelines now being flooded with #OviyaArmy posts, Julie memes, and BB Tamil discussions.

Oviya grabbed the attention after this incident with Ganja Karuppu, saying, “Neenga shutup pannunga“.

After some time, it trending the social media and even it becomes as a slogan.

People in search of this slogan printed T-shirts and even Song is going to hit the K-town.

Bindhu Madhavi, the wild card entrant who’s been in the house for just three days, has already ranked Oviya as the number one contestant, and Julie as the least liked.

In recent episodes, The full focusing is on Oviya and she has some issues with the family members, she also broke up with Aarav.

She has been garnering an enormous support from Bigg Boss fans’ because of her innocent and positive character. She has also grab huge attention from the audience and make them start a movement to save her from the eliminations.

She is An honest person with integrity.

Now she got a big fan based and most loved character by the outside people.