The Parliament was postponed throughout the day due to heavy embarrassment. Yesterday, the upper house of the Congress, one of the senior leaders of the Congress, Kapil Sibal raised a disciplinary issue saying that 500 rupees were printed with different designs in two different sizes.

Then he lifted up the copies of the two 500 rupee note sheets in the parliament.

The Opposition leader Ghulam Nabi Azad (Congress) said, “This is the biggest corruption of this century. This government has no power to continue in the 5-minute regime. ”

The finance minister Arun Jaitley said that”Any kind of paper can not be raised with the order,” blaming zero time (following the question hour).

Vice Chairperson PJ Kurien did not allow disciplinary problems. Instead, he said that he would be judged by a different notice.

Trinamul Congress MP Tireak O Bryan said, “There are two distinct 500 rupee note sheets,” Kapil Sibal is the most important issue. ”

UNP leader Sharad Yadav joined him.

“In any country in the world there is not a single note in two different dimensions; One big. The other one is small. I want to sign it. ”

But the Vice Chancellor PJ Kurien said, “I am not expert to investigate the banknotes. You have no objection to the Finance Minister. ”

The Congress MPs, who were not satisfied with it, shouted at the center of the council and raised slogans. The council was adjourned for 15 minutes due to hardship. Once again the council continued to resort, the council was postponed until noon. Once again, the church took this matter seriously. The Board was postponed till 1 pm.

Once again the council continued to resort, the council was postponed until noon. Once again, the assembly took this matter seriously. The Board was postponed till 1 pm.

Even after the lunch break, the Congressman’s wartime has not changed. The resignation of the congregation was to be reunited again. The Board was postponed throughout the day.

Later Kapil Sibal interviewed reporters. He said, “Rs 500, Rs 2,000 banknotes are in different sizes and designs. The security features contained in it are printed and published by the Reserve Bank and the Finance Ministry. This will affect the credibility of Indian banknotes. People will be confused. Prime Minister Modi should give a clarification. ”

He also said that,”500 rupees banknotes 151 mm First 153 mm Up to 2,000 rupees 167 mm long.”

He also asked, “Are these banknotes printed in India or are they printed abroad?”

Finally, he said, “As long as Prime Minister Modi responds, we will continue to raise this issue in Parliament.”

Central Government Explanation “Rs 500, Rs.2000 banknotes have a unique size”

Opposition parties, including Congress, raised the issue by saying that there are two different size.

The Congress has announced that it will raise the issue in Parliament until Prime Minister Modi’s interpretation.

In this situation, Central Finance Minister Arjun Rao Magwal has written in writing on behalf of the Central Government.

In that reply he said, “Every rupee of banknotes has only one unique dimension.

The new version of the Rs 500 note is 66 mm. X 150 mm. The new version of Rs. 2000,000 notebook is 66 mm. X 166 mm Size. “

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