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‘Pharma Bro’ convicted of U.S. securities fraud

An American judge accused former Haitian hedge fund manager and drug managing director Martin Shrigryi of being “the most hated man in the United States” in the name of fraudulent fraud.

He was found guilty by eight offenders in eight different cases after a 34-month-long trial, known to raise the price of HIV drug charapram at $ 13.50 a doll for $ 750 in 2015.

A 12-judge judge blamed him for conspiring to fraud two charges, as well as fraud on the fifth day securities in a federal court in New York, Brooklyn.

Shagereli – bailed out – said he was released on very serious charges and thanked his defense attorney, claiming he was “the greatest lawyer of the planet” and said he was “happy” with the judgment.

He was charged with eight counting allegations that his first drug company, Retrobin, had stolen 11 million dollars. He lost money to investors in two hedge funds.

If he was found guilty, he met in jail for 20 years. On Friday, his lawyer said that he believed his client could avoid a prison term.

Sources of evidence against Shagrieli argued that for many years the prosecutors argued that investors had “lying a lie” over several years in carrying out projects like a foil in many companies.

Shkrili refused to testify. Security has camped in his office in a sleeping bag for two years to create a successful pharmacist with one hand at the end of his return to the rich investors who portrayed him as a troubled genius.

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