Police verification for passport soon to be go online

The Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) is being linked with the passport service that will enable online verification of passport applicants, Union Home Secretary Rajiv Mehrishi said.
Under the new system, police officers will be given handheld devices that will enable them to go to an applicant’s place and quickly upload their address and other details into the network. “It will minimise contact with police and reduce time by doing away with the physical movement of relevant documents, especially in cases of interstate verification,” Mehrishi told reporters here.
He also said that the government envisages to soon link various organs of criminal justice system such as police, courts, forensic laboratories, fingerprints, prisons and juvenile homes with CCTNS database.
The time taken for police verification for passports will soon be considerably reduced with the linking of CCTNS with the MEA’s passport service, a senior official said on Monday.
The CCTNS is a national database of crimes and criminals that were started in 2009 and currently connects 14,284 police stations out of the total 15,398 across the country. Out of 36 states and union territories, 35 are sharing CCTNS database containing seven crore records that include 2.5 crore FIRs.
Earlier, Home Minister Rajnath Singh launched a digital police portal under the CCTNS project that will enable citizens to register FIRs online. The portal will initially offer seven public delivery services including person and address verification of employees and tenants, permission for hosting public events and vehicle theft among other things.
Mehrishi said the portal will provide the investigator with the complete record history of any criminal from anywhere across the country. He said the software offers Google-type advanced search option and offers 11 kinds of search and 44 types of reports.

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