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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech with courageous decision leads to success

Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to Udaipur in Rajasthan yesterday. He laid the foundations for various highways projects worth Rs 15,000 crore. He completed the projects.

Later, he attended the public meeting. He said: –

When we took office, the entire administration was paralyzed. The previous regime did that.

If someone is weak in that situation, they will be threatened. But we have changed that challenge. We found the solution. We are walking on the path of development.

We end up with courage and implement it mentally. We are trying to end the projects that we started.

We do the development work, not politics.

The present BJP Government has been implementing the plans of the previous Congress government in Rajasthan. If there is a good road, the florist’s first tea dealer will get good income for everyone.

Some parts of the country have been flooded. The Central Government will support these people. The upper council has visited areas. We will unite and solve the problem.