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Prime Minister’s Cropping Scheme in 2016-2017: 90 LAKH FARMERS BENEFITED

The meeting was held yesterday by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the advice of Agriculture Ministry officials, Finance Ayodh executives and Prime Ministerial officials.

The statement of the Prime Minister’s Office stated: More than 90 lakh farmers have benefited from the Prime Minister’s Cropping Scheme in 2016-2017 in Kharif and Rabe agri. They have been allocated Rs 7,700 crore.

Officials at the meeting told the Prime Minister that smartphones, satellite data and non-personnel aircraft were used to speed up the information.

Similarly, the Clay Card Scheme has been implemented in the first phase in 16 states and it will soon be completed in other states of the India.

The studies on soil fertility should be accurate and the technology should be improved through handheld tools, and the Prime Minister urged the authorities to be printed in the language of the farmers to understand the cards issued under the scheme.