Black Queen “Queen of the Dark,”She is achieving the higher feet in the modeling career.

From South Sudan, Nayakim Godwech (24). He was originally a refugee camp in Ethiopia and later in Kenya.

Since then, he has migrated to the United States and has lost two sisters in the interim periods of the US.

He did not feel any discrimination when he was in Ethiopia and Kenya. But studying education has come to the US when it comes to discrimination.

Many of those who have been there have been mocking her and made fun of her.

Nayakim is now a challenging contender for all models with the black color.One person in the Nayakim grocery store asked why you should not select the modeling department. After that, she started to think about it.

Nayakim said, “I do not care about anyone who says to me about my photographs, and I like my black skin, and I think I’m different from the majority of people and has made many eyebrows awesome.

Her fans have been named as Queen of the Dark by her fans.

Though she finished her degree and selected the modeling department, she desire to become a primary school teacher.

She has now crossed the Highest number of followers in her instagram profile.

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